Your Questions Answered
1. How long has disability darts been running?
2. Where can I find setup rules for 
wheelchair players?
Disability darts and the 137cm board height for wheelchair players has been around officially since 2010 following a four year campaign by Australian Russ Strobel to have it recognised by Darts Australia. In 2012 the WDF also approved the 137cm board height for use by wheelchair players.
Winmau has setup instructions for wheelchair players included in all dartboard packaging. The photo below shows the details.
3. Where is the WDDA based?
The WDDA is registered in both the UK (Scotland) and Australia. Our Board of Associates come from Australia, Scotland, Denmark and New Zealand and bring a combined total of over 100 years experience in darts administration. 
4. Does WDDA have a Constitution?
The WDDA is registered in both the UK (Scotland) and Australia under a business format and not-for-profit basis. We operate under a Charter which embodies our
philosophy in regards to disability inclusion.
5. I want to participate but don't know if my country has a WDDA Coordinator?
Where no Coordinator is engaged in your country the WDDA will handle all registration details directly. The same opportunities will be available for representation and event entry regardless.
6. How can I find out if I qualify and which Division I may be eligible to play in.
Please look at the document below. We have tried to show clearly what may apply to each type of disability.
7. What is the playing format most used by the WDDA.
WDDA have adopted the "Otago Draw" format for all events. This unique format devised in NZ by Otago Darts League gives the greatest opportunity to play yet maintains absolute fairness for all. See picture below.
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8. How widespread is participation around the world?
Since our Founder achieved recognition and acceptance for the lower board height for wheelchair players by the World Darts Federation the WDDA have grown to include more than 25 member countries. The number of players with disability is impossible to calculate as many participants may simply be playing at home with friends and family on the official wheelchair board height. This was entirely the motivating factor behind our original campaign that began in 2006.
9. Is there any equipment designed for those can't physically through a dart due to their nature of disability? 
The WDDA have some unique equipment designs that may allow participation in special categories. These designs can be shared and manufactured by individuals and local organisations at relatively little cost. Please contact the WDDA for more information.
10. How can I represent my country at international events? 
In the first instance check our contact list on the link bar below and see if your country has an appointed WDDA Coordinator. If one is listed make contact and express your interest in taking part. If no Coordinator for your country has been appointed contact WDDA directly and we will guide you through the process.